Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Update on The Man Situation

Okay, I'm trying not to read too much into this. I still have no idea whether this guy is interested in me or not. We email each other regularly, and now talk on the phone usually several times a week. I really enjoy talking with him. The conversation seems to flow pretty easily. We have really gotten away from talking about the horrible event over the summer, so that's good. Of course, it still comes up once in awhile, but for the most part we are able to find plenty of other things to talk about.

DC is halfway between us so we are meeting there next month. He kept saying that I was welcome to come visit him in NC and I kept saying he was welcome to visit me in PA. He said he would show me around Rome if I wanted to visit with him, and I invited him to meet us in Hawaii for Thanksgiving (I have a conference there). But everything seemed too far away distance wise, or too expensive right now. So, I suggested we meet halfway. We both have friends in DC that we will stay with. I'll have the kids with me. He may have his daughter with him, as well. The weekend of Oct. 22nd was the soonest time I could stay at my friend's house, so that is when we will meet there. I wish it was sooner so I could figure this thing out! The not-knowing is really killing me!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Look What We Did!

We had a VERY busy weekend....yesterday was go, go, go right until the kids went to bed. They slept really well! Saturday, I took them to my University for an event the students were having - a vertical wind tunnel. It sounded REALLY could experience the feel of skydiving without jumping out of a plane. So, off we went...the process took way longer than I thought, so we ended up being late for a birthday party in the afternoon, but it was SO worth it. It is essentially a very powerful fan that allows you to fly above it.Here we are suited up in our flying outfits...yes, I am Superwoman!

E had a blast! e had fun, too, but was too scared to fly, so E got to go twice...lucky him. Since he was so light, they were flipping him around upside down and right side up...He loved it, as you can see!

Sunday was the first day of Sunday school, another birthday party, and swimming lessons....both of my children only made it through half their lessons. E just doesn't want to do it once he gets there...I think he's a little bored...or maybe it's because the water is so cold. e is just cold. We'll try again next week, but I don't see the water getting any warmer....that is a big deterrent....not sure what to do about that.

Both Saturday and Sunday night one of the little girls who lives up the street came over. She's pretty much like clockwork...right around dinner time, she shows up. Her parents are divorced and she is with her father on the weekends. I don't think he really knows what to do with her, so she always ends up at my house. I often end up feeding her and just watching her for the evening and often for the day, if we are at home. I guess I'm glad she has a positive influence with me to help her get through her time with her dad, but I'm also a little annoyed that they are always playing at my house. I think he's an okay guy...just doesn't know what to do with a kind of immature 7 year old.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Coming Out of The Fog

e found a giant moth

We rented a pontoon a few times while in WV. E LOVED going out on the tube!We visited Coopers' Rock in WV. It is quite a view!

Well, I'm finally starting to come out of the fog of the horror that happened last month. I think there are just some things that happen in your life that scar you for the rest of your life. This is one of those things. I try not to think about the terror that my friend went through during her last moments...when she awoke, with her neck slit, saw that her own son had killed her and fought for her life. I am trying to focus on all the positive experiences we had together. I'm sure, in time, those are the memories that will fill my thoughts about her.
The kids at the castle

So, the day after I found out about her death, we had scheduled to go camping at the family camp we go to for Mother's Day weekend. We LOVE this place. It was just the vacation I needed. No tv, no phones, no cell phone service, nothing but nature...except when I drove to the top of the mountain to check my messages and check on my friend's mom. All our meals are cooked for us, and in the morning, the kids go to group time...kind of like their camp time, during which they went on hikes, went swimming, built gnome homes (for all the gnomes living in the woods, of course), visited the animals in the nature center, went on pony rides, or whatever else the counselors could think of to keep them busy.

e and E playing in the woods

E getting a sailing lesson

e swimming in the lake

After their group time, they return to the cafeteria for camp songs, where I join them. We have lunch together, then there are any number of planned activities we can participate in. But, while they were in camp, I took sailing lessons, went on hikes, went canoeing, got a massage, and went on the zip line. The kids wanted to see me go on the zip line, so I did it a second time later in the week....kind of terrifying and fun at the same time!

E and e playing by the lake

And, e with the stinky fish they found!

We decorated cupcakes one afternoon

And helped paint a mural another day...

The afternoons we spent doing artwork, hiking, boating, whatever. A couple evenings they had kids night out, so I had more free time to relax. There is always lots of singing camp songs and acting crazy. A great way to bond with the family. Love, love, love this place. We will make it a tradition. I never have to worry about the kids, since everyone is watching out for everyone. The second to last day there, I spent the afternoon kayaking and sailing while E went sailing with someone else and e played on the beach with a friend. SO relaxing.

The 40 foot climb to do the zip line and me going across!

After being away for over a month, though, it was nice to get home. Of course, I had to leave a few days later to go to my friend's funeral, which was horrible, as you might imagine. The priest talked a lot about forgiveness...I know this was my friend's mom's doing, but I just don't know if I can forgive this kid. It was a heinous, violent, cold-blooded act. I just don't know.

There are some good things that have come out of this...I've really been trying to make lemonade out of the whole situation. My friend and I did a lot of work and research together. She is the reason I spent so much time in Italy and was to spend most, if not all, of my summers there in the future. So, I have taken over that part of the company to continue the college trips and executive retreats there. It will be a lot of work, but I think it will be worth it. I'll keep you updated!

Last but not least...I'm hesitant to even say anything to jinx it. BUT, over the past couple years or so, my friend had been after me to meet a guy that she used to date. She was forever trying to fix me up...usually with strangers that looked attractive, but always trying to fix me up, nonetheless. While we were in WV, she says to me, "I've got the perfect man for you!" She then proceeds to show me a picture of some random muscle bound man wearing a speedo on the beach in Italy. He did look good! We had no idea who he was, but she was convinced she could find out for me.

There were a couple of her ex's there that I sat with at the funeral. One, I thought was coming on to me, but he kind of gave me the creeps...not sure why...nice guy, just a little too consoling. The other one, however....the one that she has been after me to meet for the past couple years was very nice. We had dinner together after the visitation the night before the funeral. His sister joined us as did another friend of mine. We sat together at the funeral and at the luncheon following. He's been emailing me almost daily since. Not in an overbearing way, but a very natural way. SO, we'll see what happens. He is a retired news producer, now writer. He's published two books and is working on his third. I think one of the first is being made into a movie, but I haven't gotten the details. Since he is a writer, his emails are very visual and almost poetic in their imagery. If nothing else, I'm enjoying his friendship. He lives in NC, so I'm not sure how feasible a long distance relationship is...on the other had, where there is a will, there is a way....I'll let you know how it goes!