Monday, April 23, 2012

Another Date...I'm about to give up...

Okay, so I've been continuing to do the online dating thing even though I have had very little luck.  Since I live in the middle of nowhere, no one seems willing to make the drive this far out - and I certainly don't have the time to drive any significant distance either.  Plus the fact that I have small children seems to be a bit of baggage for some men (I agree, I really don't want those guys anyway).

SO, I started corresponding with this one guy online.  He lives about three hours away, taking care of his ailing (cancer) mother.  Since he's an entrepreneur, he can live anywhere.  He started corresponding with me several times a day and then calling me every day.  We had nice conversations and through those we discussed that even if the spark isn't there, maybe we can just be friends.  Friends first, anyway, right?

Okay, so after a week or two of corresponding with me and calling me every day, he decides to make the drive out here for lunch.  Now, I suspected I wouldn't be physically attracted to this guy, but I suppose you never know.  We met for lunch, had a nice time during the meal, but I wasn't feeling the physical attraction...well, apparently, he was!  After lunch, as we're walking to the parking lot, he starts walking close to me, putting his arm around me, all that stuff.  I give the usual hint of moving away, getting into my car and putting a door between us - at which point he leans over and asks if he could "steal one" - a kiss...Well, I had an immediate visceral reaction (didn't mean to, just happened that way) and said "NOOOOOOOO!  I mean, I'm not quite ready for that."  I guess he got the message because he hasn't called since (even though he asked to have lunch with me again today).  Apparently, he really didn't want to be friends.  Oh well.  Hee, hee...

The other guy from Pittsburgh has been very persistent.  We talk several times a day and he is coming out for a few days, again, this weekend.  I introduced him to the kids (as a friend) a couple weeks ago, but I don't want them to know he and I are dating at all....I'm not even sure we're dating, but I guess it looks that way...he thinks we are...I've told him that I'm going to continue to look...he seems to think that's fine since, in his eyes, if I find someone who treats me as well as he does (or better), then he'll know I'm well taken care of...on the other hand, when I tell him that I'm doing the online thing, he jokes about it and clearly wants me to stop doing it (but is not overly persuasive about it - it's clear he wants me to stop when I'm ready)...this one is a challenge for many reasons....Maybe I'll go into some of those reasons later, just not ready to discuss yet.  In the meantime, I'm enjoying his company and continuing to get to know him better.

The kids are doing great.  They are both taking baseball this spring and loving it.  e is the only girl on her team!  I have a feeling, though, that she will show 'em who's boss!

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  1. Nice to hear from you, I am also missing in action. I haven't had time to even blog. But on the dating front, I totally relate to your comments. It is not easy, but enjoy it, I figure it takes many candidates to find the right one... when you find it, you will know!