Thursday, March 22, 2012

TWICE this month!

Aren't you impressed that I've made it over here a second time this month??? Well, the bruised rib really threw me for a loop. For two whole weeks I was still taking the vicadin at night so I could sleep and tylenol during the day. I'm glad it's tolerable now! E seems to be doing a lot better, too. I was back in the ER the night after it happened because I was having extreme pain and pressure when I reclined. The doctors just told me not to recline! Go figure. They thought it was probably just muscle spasms. In retrospect, I suspect they were probably right. I'm just glad I'm feeling better! We have a trip, next weekend, to go to an indoor water park for a few days and I want to be in tip-top shape!

Our Japanese student left a couple days ago. We will really miss him. What a great kid. He and I both really cried when we said goodbye!
This is in a local restaurant..This is the whole place! The cooking area is on the right and it seats five. The only thing they serve is hotdogs, but I love the place!

On the man note....Haven't heard from H since I broke up with him. Except, he called during his spring break to see if he could come over to finish the windows (and probably to pick up his tools). We had scheduled for him to come over on that Tuesday, but then I had the whole rib episode and was exhausted, so I told him to wait. My guess is that I'll hear from him when school is out, he'll come over to finish the windows and pick up his tools and I'll never see him again. That's too bad. We broke it off very amicably, but this kind of confirms my thoughts about where he was coming from. Oh well.

While I was in Pittsburgh a few months ago I met up with another guy....We've known each other for three or four years and have gone out a couple times. It was always pretty clear that there was a mutual attraction but neither of us was in a position to do anything about it. In fact, we stayed away from each other for a couple years. A couple months ago, he called me out of the blue. I have to admit that I have thought about him often. So, while I was in Pittsburgh last month for a meeting, he took me out for a very nice dinner. Then we met for coffee the next day after my meeting, before I hit the road. He's been calling and texting me daily ever since, gave me a beautiful Michael Kors bag for my birthday, and came out to see me for a couple days this week. He treats me extremely well. I'm trying to take it slow, so we'll see where it goes!


  1. Although I'm sorry your rib was giving you so much pain, I had to laugh about your doctor's comment. My doctor once told me something similar--if it bothers you, just don't do it. Now we know why they make the big bucks.

    The new man in your life sounds interesting. I hope you continue to enjoy each other's company this spring.

    How is your son feeling after the big sledding pile-up of 2012? I bet he healed faster and is looking forward to the waterpark!

  2. You got that right! He is doing much better, too! No longer holding his ribs when he coughs, so that's a good sign. I'm just glad he'll be as good as new by the time we go to the water park!